Meet Edison – Your Personal Robot!

Don’t be fooled by his size, this dynamic little robot is super strong and designed with the latest technology to lead you into the exciting and rewarding world of Robotics.

With easy to use ‘drag and drop’ programming and multiple features, Edison is more than just a robot, turning curiosity into reality, and engaging you in the ever changing world of technology.

This palm sized, bright orange robot is the perfect tool to introduce you to programming and robotics through tangible hands on experiences, that make learning an adventure. Designed not just as a stand-alone robot, Edison is also LEGO® compatible, its modular system allowing for expanded construction and new inventions only limited by imagination.

  • Affordable

    Get extra discount when buying more than one

  • Programmable

    Free open source graphical programming software

  • LEGO® compatible

    Modular and easily expandable

  • Easy to use

    Has many pre-programmed functions activated by barcodes

  • Remote control

    Learns commands from TV/DVD remote controls

  • Suitable for all ages

    From 5 to 95

  • Built to last

  • And is FUN

Explore Today for Tomorrow’s Challenges

  • infrared obstacle detectors (left and right)

  • line tracking sensor

  • light sensors (left and right)

  • infrared receiver

  • infrared transmitter

  • piezo sounder

  • sound sensor

  • two motors with variable speeds

  • left and right red LED lights

  • and three control buttons

  • Left and right red LED lights – Flash the LED lights
  • Buzzer – Gives sound feedback and can play musical notes
  • Two motors with encoders – Drives Edison or uses LEGO cross axles to power an invention
  • Left and right infrared obstacle detection – Navigates through a maze and avoids collisions
  • Left and right light sensors – Follows a torch/flash light or finds a dark corner
  • Clap detector – Senses load sounds such as claps to control driving
  • Line tracking sensor – follows lines and stays within borders
  • Infrared receiver – Remote control from a standard TV/DVD remote control
  • Infrared LEDs – Transmits messages and controls commands to another Edison robot
  • Infrared receiver – Receives messages and controls commands from another Edison robot

Edison’s line tracking sensor has three functions:

  • Detect lines – Contrast between black and white surfaces
  • Read barcodes that activate pre-programmed functions
  • Receive the programming signal from EdWare via the EdComm cable

Bonus Feature – LEGO Compatible

Edison’s modular design allows for solo robot activity, connection with other Edisons or connection to LEGO bricks and pegs to create new inventions. The connecting studs on the top of Edison allow for LEGO bricks to be attached, while LEGO pegs can be attached to the three peg holes on the sides. The underside of Edison has stud connections for either LEGO bricks or another Edison, allowing for multiple Edisons to be stacked on top of each other. LEGO cross axles can be inserted once Edison’s wheels have been removed, this accommodates the creation of new inventions with motorised parts. Various LEGO kits can be paired with Edison:

The EdDigger is a remote-control brick digger that uses two Edisons connected with LEGO pieces from LEGO set 42032. You can use a standard TV/DVD remote control to drive the EdDigger and operate the bucket.

The EdPrinter is a printer made of two Edison robots and LEGO pieces that can draw shapes on A5 (5.8in x 8.3in) size paper. The printer uses two Edisons connected with LEGO pieces from LEGO set 42032, two rubber bands and a felt tip/marker pen. Both Edisons are programmed using EdWare, but they perform slightly different functions.


  • navigate his way around by detecting obstacles to his left or right
  • be controlled by a standard TV/DVD remote
  • follow a line or stay within a boarder
  • follow a flash light
  • communicate with another Edison using infrared light – robot swarm!
  • play beeps and musical tunes
  • respond to clapping and other loud sounds
  • move in any direction through his differential drive system

Edison’s price, capabilities and programmability make it an accessible product that captures student’s imagination through fun activities, and awakens future robotics engineers to the dynamic field of robotics.

Software for Stepped Learning

Edison is programmable from three sequential platforms that are stepped in difficulty from basic, to immediate and advanced.

The original open source programming tool, EdWare, uses a graphical ‘drag and drop’ programming language that links CONTROL, READ, DATA and FLOW icons in a sequential flowchart that makes programming visual, and easy to upload via a computer headphone jack and a cable. This has since been expanded to cater for younger learners and the more advanced, making Edison available to a broader cohort of learners.

A ‘scratch like’ platform for Edison, based on a collection of graphical ‘programming blocks’ children snap together to create programs. This allows the novice learners to build the knowledge and confidence necessary to start coding

The graphical robot programming software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPad), Android, Chromebook, and as an online app.

Edison is also programmable in Python. EdPy is designed to extend Edison’s functionality and teach higher level programming concepts. Edpy maximises the use of Edison’s encoders and will give advanced students superior control of Edison.