Electro Kit V2

Electro Kit V2

The ibtibot Electro Kit contains a selection of Arduino compatible, input and output sensors and components designed to get the learner started with programming and hardware interaction using the Arduino programming language.

The kit offers a great introduction to the world of electronics and includes everything needed to complete circuits, teaching the learner how to read sensors, display information on an LCD, drive motors, and more.

A classic electronics trainer, the Electro Kit, covers the basic principles of electronics and assembly using discreet components.

The learner can explore all the concepts that the novice Electro Kit presents, while improving their understanding of the different ways to input, process and output signals in circuits, experimenting with endless options to build custom creations.


The ibtibot Electro Kit comes in a compact snap lock case with defined sections for all the contents, ensuring integrity and security. The sturdy grey and red case is clearly labelled with visuals and specifications and is complemented by a wraparound sleeve that presents a professionally packaged product. Designed to engage the learner in electronics, the Electro Kit provides the opportunity for the learner to work through the basics towards more complex tasks of circuit building, through hands on activities. The combination of the components, the packaging and the documentation along with clear labelling and a place for everything, makes this the perfect kit to lead the learner into the world of sensing and interactive electronics.

The Electro Kit contains an Arduino Leonardo board, 7 input sensors and 7 output actuators, resistors and transistors, all fully compatible with the Arduino microcontroller. The ‘How to Use Guide‘ includes clear step by step instructions, and multiple images and diagrams on how to connect each circuit with the electronic components to complete the suggested projects. By following these instructions, the learner will begin with simple circuits to get introduced to electronics then progress to the more complicated circuits that will introduce transistors and sensors.

  • Red and grey snap lock case
  • Compact and compartmentalised
  • Easy stacking and storage
  • 7 input modules
  • 7 output modules
  • Arduino compatible
  • How to Use Guide
  • Project based activities