Ibtikar Reader

Ibtikar Reader
  • the Smart Choice

Ibtikar Reader is a unique digital reading platform designed to engage the reader and enhance their learning experience. The next generation of literary technology, the Ibtikar Reader supports enhanced eBooks – ePUB3 – the latest digital publication standard that allows easy integration of video, audio and interactivity, taking the user into a new realm of reading.

Ibtikar Reader is designed to allow users to access any book that is published in digital form, and has been uploaded to the platform, classified in accordance to grade and subject and permission managed. End users are able to access the books through authenticated and controlled portals and mobile apps for various platforms.

With the ability to integrate interactive infographics, animations, documentary videos, and images, the Ibtikar Reader promotes engagement and fosters a reading and information culture that supports independent motivated readers and learners for life.

Reading Platform

Ibtikar Reader is a fully integrated reading platform that supports administration and provides an interactive reading and learning experience for students. Embedded in the Ibtikar digital reading platform are reader and administration facilities to ensure usability and management that can be tailored to meet the evolving needs of the users.


  • Fixed layout but supports reflow
  • Adapts to screen size and orientation
  • Scrollable left to right
  • Files encrypted and password protected
  • Library collection for both ePub3 and PDF digital books
  • Designated library available to designated user


  • Administration interface for the platform allows books to be uploaded,
    deleted, published / unpublished
  • Permission control
  • Audience definition
  • Categorising of material
  • Content selection

Promoting a Culture of Readers

Ibtikar Reader provides multi-platform support. The Reader App provides offline access, a key feature, and can be downloaded to desktop, mobile and tablet. The downloaded version is encrypted and password protected to maintain the copy right and licensing status of the content.

An added feature of the Reader app is the ‘Download Manager’ which allows the user to manage their downloads, customise the look and feel of the App, change language, colour and theme to suit their own preferences.

Being able to personalise the App gives the user ownership of their learning and reading. Based on state of the art technology and designed with these optimised user-friendly features, reading can happen anywhere.

Reading Made Easy, User Centric
  • Features
  • Learning Tools

  • Icons

    Easy to follow visual designs provide easy directions for the user.

  • Book Search

    User can search and find specific books on topic.

  • Note Taking

    Allows user to add notes to words, paragraphs, images and text. These notes can be navigated, edited and returned to with ease.

  • Highlighting

    Users can highlight key sentences, ideas and comments with colour highlighter, editing as required.

  • Bookmarking

    Bookmark pages of note and interest for later review.

  • Text to Speech

    Allows the system to pronounce ‘speak’ any chosen text.

  • Google Lookup

    Search definitions, explanations and content directly with just a click.

  • Wikipedia Lookup

    Research topic directly with just a click.

  • Language Interface

    Arabic and English

  • Translate

    Opens Google translate for easy translation.

  • Centralised Data

    All user centric data will move from platform to platform if an online connection is available to sync the data captured between sessions.

  • Multiple Accounts (Windows)

    Multiple accounts, means the Reader supports multiple users on one device. Each user can log in but only access their own account.

Customisation and Branding

The Ibtikar Reader is customisable and allows the client to display colours, logo, and images that personalise the platform with a branded interface, that reflects the culture and needs of the user.

The Reader’s defining characteristics are its flexibility and user friendliness.

Multi Tenancy Solution

Ibtikar Reader supports multi tenancy, ensuring each ‘tenant’ is autonomous and allowing for each ‘tenant’ to have their reader customised with content, colour, logos and identity. ‘Tenant’ eBook file extensions, can only be opened using their own proprietary reader. The Ibtikar Reader customised solution provides simple steps to create multiple files and guarantees their safety through encryption and password protection.