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Transforms the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Ibtikar promotes active collaboration and consultancy services to initiate, engage, develop, deliver, and provide interactive eBooks that meet the education specific requirements of our clients while ensuring all activities are user centric for student engagement. With extensive education experience and in-house expertise, we are able to provide quality, media rich, interactive eBooks with multilanguage capability, that inspire curiosity and engage the reader an immersive, sensory reading experience tailored to specific age groups.






Interactive content

Engages learners with video, audio, text to speech, custom interactive widgets and more.


Stylised eBook designs that are tailored to the subject matter, maintain brand and theme guidelines, are fully customisable and tuned to your requirements.

Customised functionality

Provides a content specific, unique reading experience that engages the reader.

Imports from external sources

Imports content from PDF, HTML, Word and EPUB for redesign and export to any of the standard digital book formats in the market today.

Ebook Conversion

With technology moving at such a fast pace, the physical classroom has become a virtual environment, sweeping education into new realms of learning; we have the capabilities to use and integrate this new technology.

Our experienced digital, publishing team can advise on all aspects of eBook design content, layout and interactivity producing custom designed, interactive, digital material for multiple platforms. We respond to client needs and desired outcomes to produce a product that connects learning with the latest digital capabilities to attract and engage learners in an immersive learning environment.

Interactive Reading Across Multiple Platforms

Web, Desktop, Mobile and Chromebook Devices

Content Conversion and Transformation

We take your standard materials authored in any industry standard tools such as Microsoft Word and create modules, customized design and produce an array of supportive digital media to produce interactive works that encourage student engagement and increased academic performance using a medium that is familiar,
efficient and exciting when compared to traditional print media.

We can create new content or import from Word, HTML, PDF, and EPUB, converting the content to a fully, media rich, interactive experience.

Most Popular Conversions:
• Word to EPUB
• Word to PDF
• Word to iBooks Author (iba)
• Fixed and Reflowable layout EPUBs

Interactive Digital Books

Ibtikar integrates the latest technology, to create and publish content rich, interactive books, personalising learning and bringing it to life; the physical classroom becomes a virtual environment with colour, sound, animation, and interactive play to engage and support student learning.
Our books are packed with multiple features that complement the vibrant designs and presentation to include:
• Extensive multimedia
• Video, film, animation, sound, 2D, 3D
• Multi-platform access
• Built-in individual student interaction, feedback for learning, self-assessment, and quizzing
• Matched print and digital content to follow themes, layout, pages or alternatively, expand and develop new directions

Textbook Conversion

Using your authored material, we can design dynamic, interactive, digital books that transform your traditional printed material into digital interactive materials that can be deployed into any digital reading system including Akadimi.

Our experienced team can convert your hard copy textbooks and support material into interactive digital books, adding up market features and the latest imagery to bring the text to life.