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Ibtikar Vision

Lead the provision of innovative, education solutions and services in the GCC region, across all education sectors, both private and government.

Lead the provision of technology based solutions, product design, development and application, providing purpose driven solutions that support dynamic education delivery.

Demonstrate integrity and professionalism inspire innovation, and accept nothing but excellence, ensuring the best outcome for every stakeholder.

Ibtikar Mission

Ibtikar is committed to bringing inspiration and creativity to learning by supporting innovative education delivery through consultation, training, product design and software development: providing locally built, technology based solutions, tailored to suit specific client need, and ensuring all educational solutions are of the highest standard and effectiveness to achieve the best educational outcomes for all participants.

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Ibtikar is a forward moving UAE based consultancy specialising in innovative, technology based, educational solutions, products and services. Catering to all education sectors, private and government, we pride ourselves on maintaining strong partnerships with clients and stakeholders ensuring client voice, collaboration, cultural sensitivity and trust.  All products are locally designed and built in consultation with clients, to deliver a tailored product that meets the needs of the client yet delivers innovation and excellence within a modern and diverse learning environment.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to deliver tailored products that meet the needs of the client and deliver innovation and excellence within a technologically advanced learning environment, to enhance excellence in education and academic success through digital learning We are committed to delivering solutions of the highest standard and effectiveness to achieve the best educational outcomes for all participants.

As a technology, intensive company capable of delivering state of the art products, services and solutions in the education arena, ibtikar draws on extensive professional expertise and progressive technological advancements, to deliver the ‘right solution’ in the most innovative and efficient manner. Our highly motivated team consists of multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural professionals with diverse experiences and backgrounds, working in an environment underpinned by strong company values, integrity and exceptional client service.

Our goal: to be active participants in the advancement of educational opportunity, experience and delivery, elevating knowledge and learning to the highest levels, is supported by strong company values that promote collaboration, lifelong learning, innovation and trust.


Client Consultation

Ibtikar partners with clients to assess the specific requirements of each project, collaborating to develop concepts and products suited to their specific requirements, supporting them to overcome challenges and delivering tailored solutions to meet their technological needs and objectives in the most innovative and efficient manner.

Tailored Solutions

Ibtikar adopts the latest technology and trends, in consultation with the client, to design and develop  a customised and unique package, specific to the needs of the client.

Two-Way Communication

Ibtikar promotes two-way dialogue with clients to develop personalised packages that meet their requirements. By maintaining open communication, ibtikar follows through from design to delivery providing ideas, support and training as required, listening to client voice and ensuring quality outcomes and successful learning experiences.

Training Support

With ongoing changes in the technological and digital arenas, knowing ‘how to use’ products, is essential. Ibtikar provides tailored training packages and support for a seamless progression from product to use.
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