A New Education Experience

Voted: Best 3D Printer for Beginners 2020*

The perfect starter printer and first choice for 3D printing novices and educators.
User friendly and ideal for the beginner, Finder comes fully assembled, capable of printing ‘right out of the box’ and is loaded with easy-to-use features. All you need to do is level the print bed and begin printing, it is as simple as that!

Ready to ‘plug and print’Fully assembled Finder’s ‘easy to use’ features deliver a positive and productive printing experience.
Interactive touch screenClear icons and instructions make printing easy.
Wi-Fi enabledFinder allows you to print from a mobile device without a wired connection.
Market ValueValue for money, Finder is a quiet, safe printer suitable for classroom or home, printing creations.

User Friendly, Reliable,
and Super Easy to Use


Fully assembled, Finder provides a printing experience that is quiet and safe, with a 3.5″ touch screen and Wi-Fi enabled connectivity, Finder allows you to print from a mobile device without a wired connection and allows for uploading of models, via USB storage.

Finder’s reliability and track record is unmatched in the industry and leads the way in the creative world of 3D printing, opening possibilities only limited by imagination.

Finder is a clean modern, award winning design with all cables concealed and heating components safely encased within a plastic alloy frame that looks exciting and feels sturdy and reliable.
The brightly colored square shape has rounded corners and edges and provides a 180-degree view of the printing process.

The single, non-toxic PLA filament loads easily via the filament guide tube and produces clear, simple, and safe 3D models and is ideal for any educational environment or home.
Safe to use with children and with a noise level as low as 50db, Finder delivers a positive and productive printing experience.

The Creative World of 3D Printing is Waiting for YOU!

You Can do Anything you Need for Your Project


Clean award-winning design

Removable build plate makes it easier to take out prints

High reliability and easy to maintain

Handy overhead light and good visibility of prints

Extruder Number:

Extruder Diameter:
0.4 mm

Max. Set Temperature:

Print Speed:
10-100 mm/s

Support Filament:
PLA/Wood/TPU 95

Print Volume:
140 x 140 x 140 mm

Layer Resolution:
0.1 mm-0.4 mm

Print Resolution:
±0.2 mm

Device Size:
420 x 420 x 420 mm

3.5 touch screen

Net Weight:


2vV, 2.71A


Spool Hole Diameter:
20 mm

Internal Storage:

Data Transmission:
USB Stick / USB Cable / WIFI / Ethernet / FlashCloud, PolarCloud

Printing Software:

GX/G files


Running Noise:

Working Environment: