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Maker is a compact, fully programmable, handheld, hexagon shaped microcontroller with the latest and greatest features to capture and engage the imagination of today’s learner and tomorrow’s innovator.

An all-in-one board with built-in sensors and LEDs, Maker is designed with the latest features that challenge the learner to explore, navigate and create with the world of embedded systems at their fingertips through easy, user-friendly experiences progressively developing skills to a high level of complexity.

Designed to be used with Ardublockly or the Arduino IDE, the Maker requires no soldering and is ready to use straight from the box. Suitable across multiple academic levels and accommodating visual and text learners, Maker is compatible with Ardublockly, Arduino and Python (covered in the guides).

The Maker has built in USB support, just plug in and program; it can be powered by USB or by an external battery power source as well as through direct computer connectivity.

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