Magkinder Labeeb 151 pcs set

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Designed to introduces early learners to basic coding concepts through unplugged programming the Magkinder Labeeb Kit provides endless opportunities for the early learner to explore the coding world with their own coding robot, Labeeb

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The Magkinder Labeeb Kit, uses construction and block play, to encourage learners to use their imagination, creativity, and curiosity to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills through interactive ‘play’ activities with the Labeeb Bot.

The program introduces the early learner to the basics of coding through hands on activities that are easy and student friendly.

Our future in the 5th Industrial Revolution will be reliant on advanced technology and human intelligence. Fostering these skills at an early stage will only benefit today’s learners preparing them to participate in future challenges. With computers in everyday use and coding being the language used to communicate with them, it is essential the early learner develops these coding skills through programs that encourage learning as part of play in simple, colourful and easy steps.

Labeeb bot has the following sensors:

  •          Line following sensor
  •          Obstacle Detection sensor


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